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The Scope OmniSight platform gives you visibility into threats across Clinical, EMR and IT through a single, integrated view.


Solution Overview

Scope OmniSight

Managed Detection and Response Platform


OmniSight is an end-to-end Managed Detection & Response platform purpose-built for health systems that provides visibility across an entire healthcare delivery organization. Our single pane of glass solution is powered by healthcare-specific AI that enables health systems to connect the dots across attacks on Clinical Devices, Electronic Health Records and Traditional IT quickly and comprehensively. OmniSight increases response times and provides the system the context it needs to prioritize risks. 

The platform includes the following solutions:

Managed Detection and Response for Clinical/IoT


Clinical devices are difficult to monitor and create significant vulnerabilities within health systems due to a combination of their network connectivity and a myriad of regulations. 

Scope provides security purpose-built for clinical networks, including network traffic analysis, integration with IoMT security products and clinical device telemetry.

Managed Detection and Response for EHR/EMR


Electronic Medical Records house a critical combination of Personal Health Information and other sensitve personal information.


Scope provides coverage of all modern EMR/EHR systems and privacy analytics tools to detect risky and compromised activities in the EMR.

Managed Detection and Response for IT


Traditional IT systems can be an attractive entry point for an attacker, and connecting the dots between these events and the rest of the health system’s network is increasingly becoming mission critical.


Scope provides security for all traditional IT systems and IT security technologies as they are deployed within healthcare environments.

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Healthcare Security is Different.

Modern healthcare delivery organizations are faced with an increasingly connected array of digital tools - everything from medical IoT to EMR to remote worker endpoints span this interconnected environment.


Yet the security lens on the data flowing across these systems has been limited and siloed. Attackers know this, which is why more and more breaches are happening in one part of the healthcare environment and then spreading rapidly to others before they are discovered-which is often too late, particularly in ransomware attacks.

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And that’s why Scope is Different.

A hospital isn’t a bank.  “Standard issue” security solutions built to serve a variety of industries can’t solve the unique security challenges, workflows and increasingly distributed nature of healthcare delivery organizations.


This is especially important in the modern world of advanced attacks that move laterally and can compromise many parts of your organization before they’re detected. Only Scope can see if an attacker compromises clinical networks, medical records in the EMR and also uses malware against desktops and servers.


At Scope we are solely focused on healthcare cybersecurity. That means we understand the complexities of technology within the healthcare system and how to integrate with every part of it: traditional IT infrastructure, cloud applications, clinical and EMR. This enables us to deploy faster and lessen the burden on internal security teams. Our passive/agentless technology further enables you and your team to be more efficient and focus on the strategy of your security operations, rather than managing alerts. We have built our team with healthcare security experts, not generalists, so we speak your language and understand your challenges.


About Scope Security

Scope provides managed detection and response to protect hospitals, clinics and large provider systems from cyberattacks. We have custom-built our integrated technology and service platform to enable us to detect the complex attacks that healthcare organizations are facing across their entire technology landscape.


Scope monitors every aspect of today’s increasingly connected healthcare environment—from traditional IT infrastructure to EMRs to medical devices—in order to detect advanced threats, protect patient data and keep healthcare organizations running. Our innovative solution delivers these detections and insights through a single, integrated view of your entire organization, to stop breaches before they compromise other systems in your network.

To learn more about who we are and how we can help you, please contact us.

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